How to maintain your garage door?

October 23, 2013
Maintaining your Garage Door

Maintaining your Garage Door properly can have the beneficial effect of not having your Garage Door unexpectedly breaking down on you or causing damage to your property and it also helps to prolong the life of your Garage Door.

Signs of wear and tear

The parts that operate your garage door need to be routinely checked. These can be moving or or non-moving parts such as springs, cables, roller spindles and all other related parts to your Garage Door. When checking your Garage Door you will be looking for any signs of damage and wear to your Garage Door parts.

A common problem for Garage Doors are cables breaking this can easily be prevented by checking the cables for any wear and tear signs such as the fraying of the cable. Once spotted this is an indication that your cable needs replacing before they snap and have theĀ inconvenience of your Garage Door not operating as well as causing more damage to your Garage Door.

Lubricating your Garage Door

Moving parts of the Garage Door such as roller spindles, hingers and locks all need cleaning and lubricating annually. The best way to do this is by using a solvent to remove the grease such as WD40, a rag/cloth to clean the moving parts, a soft brush to clean the debris from the moving parts and a lubricant aerosol spray to lubricate them.

First locatate the rollers on your Garage Door which are attached to your Garage Door in a track on both sides of the Garage Door. Check them for any signs of damage. If any are damaged they will need replacing. If there is no indication of any damage you will need to clean and lubricate them.

To begin with take your WD40 and spray them on the rollers. The WD40 will break down the old lubricant and will allow you to remove any grime. When you have sprayed the WD40 on the rollers clean the rollers with a cloth/rag then leave the rollers to dry. Once dry take your brush and remove any other signs of dirt. Once completed apply a coat of spray lubricant to the side of the roller which attaches to the metal hanger bracket. You then should apply the same procedure to all the hinges on your Garage Door.

Refer to your manufacturers manual for detailed information on lubrication.