Money may not be able to buy everything, but if you live in Singapore what it can buy you is a garage in the sky – yes, you read that correctly. Singapore property developer KOP Properties has built a luxury apartment block that eradicates the lack of parking spaces within the main thoroughfare of city-state, Orchard Road.

Aimed squarely and unashamedly at the growing number of super-wealthy businessman seemingly flooding the city, and who are clearly partial to showy supercars, these en-suite garages in the sky are glass enclosures which display these cars in all of their glory for those in the flat to gaze at, making the garages ‘not just a car park’ but a ‘museum showcase’.

The cars are transported to the desired floor through the use of biometrically-controlled elevators, with the garages located next to the living room of each apartment.

To see the garages in all of their glory watch this video.

If you fancy living in these apartments, you will need between £4.7 million for a single-car garage and £14 million for a four-car garage – oh how the other half live! Maybe if you sell the Lamborghini and replace it with a Corsa you could afford it.

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