Our association with innovative manufacturer Hörmann has allowed us to bring a number of fantastic products to the UK market, and this trend continues with the introduction of two new speed garage doors from the German company, namely the speed sectional HS5015 and HS 6015, both of which have been developed with the logistics industry in mind. [su_spacer size=”10″]

The high-speed spiral door that has proven popular with logistics companies, and the new models are said to offer viable alternatives to the popular spiral door in doorways where space proves limited, specifically addressing the notoriously tight lintel area.

How do the new doors work?

The doors utilise a spring-compensated chain mechanism in order to operate at high speed, and run in a horizontal track. The doors are insulated with the high- quality double-skinned panels for which Hörmann products are renowned and which are reinforced with rigid polyurethane (PU) foam.

In many senses, the new doors utilise a tried and tested (and very successful) Hörmann formula, yet with one notable difference – the lack of headroom needed. Indeed, in the case of the HS 5015 PU N version, only 480mm of headroom is required to accommodate a door up to 5 x 5 metres. The HS 5015 PU H variant includes the newly-developed high-lift adjustable speed control and accommodates doors with proportions of up to 5 x 6 metres.

Innovative German technology

This model utilises a belt mechanism, which, as a feature typical of German engineering, uses an efficient belt mechanism with counter weights to ensure that the door travels with unprecedented smoothness, while minimising wear and extending its lifespan in the process.

Exactly the same belt mechanism is employed by the larger HS6015 model, which accommodates doorways up to 6.5 x 6 metres, and which was developed to accommodate to high buildings and passages in mind. As such, this model operates just as quietly and smoothly, while also incorporating an automatic operator which makes use of the fabled Hörmann ‘soft-start, soft stop’ technology.

Both of these doors also include Hörmann Light Grille non-contact safety device as standard. This award-winning device is cleverly incorporated into the door frame, monitoring the door opening to a height of 2.5 metres, and which practically eliminates all risk of collision with either lift trucks or pedestrians.